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WHat are trophies?


We are now and will continue to give out cool and unique stuff as we move along.  We call them "trophies."

They could be any kind of show specific thing. 

They will always be limited and once they are gone, they are gone!


I got a trophy!     Now What?


The answer is... that's up to you!


Follow us on YouTube          , Tweet         about the show, do whatever makes people aware of it. 


We are 100% community based & you're that much a part of this whole thing!


Show gets better + show gets bigger = Trophy is more awesome!







How do I get one?


Well, there are many ways.  Tweet us something good or funny and you may get one.


YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers will be selected randomly to receive a trophy.


You may even be handed one any-time anywhere, like atendees on New York's ComiCon 2015 were!




Is a trophy rare?


In a word...YES!


They're all numbered and limited.


Now, think about how many people, don't check out this site, lose their trophy or just don't like valuable things?!


That makes them even rarer than when they started!




What if back in 1987 or '88 Matt Groenig or Sam Simon came up to you and handed you a numbered Bart Simpson card?  Or a signed Homer Simspon card?  Or one-of-a-kind Marge Simpson figure?  Then UNKNOWN characters.


So, basically if you have a trophy of ours and you support the show.  The show gets popular demand goes up, you have Simpsons 2015! 


Don't support it, don't tell anyone, then the show remains kind of obscure, demand is Simpsons 1987.  See what we're sayin'?


I need a new kidney!

I wanna sell my trophy on eBay,

what's  it worth?


If you've been reading, than you know... that's up to you!


Please, support the show!  We all want access to good kidneys!

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