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Trailer • 4 minutes

Semi Respectable is an animated comedy that revolves around Hal Yinessa, his family and the inhabitants of a small American town called Mohiqua [moh-hee-kwa]. 


Despite trying to be respectable grown-ups, life just keeps getting in the way.


Whether it's at work, at home or somewhere in-between you often set out to do one thing and wind up doing a whole other thing. Respect is earned they say, well, how does one at least become Semi-Respectable?

The series features the voices of professional stand-up comics, television and stage actors.  A great cast bringing a show to you for free as often as we can.  Keep checking this site and YouTube as we drop new episodes, have exclusive give aways and whatever-the-heck-else we feel like throwing out there.

Thanks for the support!

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